January 21 – The first commercial Concorde flight takes off.

·       January – The Cray-1, the first commercially developed supercomputer, is released by Seymour Cray's Cray Research.


·       January 29 – Twelve Provisional Irish Republican Army bombs explode in the West End of London.

March 17

·       Rubin "Hurricane" Carter is retried in New Jersey.

April 1

·       Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

May 4

·       The first LAGEOS (Laser Geodynamics Satellite) is launched.

July 4

·       United States Bicentennial: From coast to coast, the United States celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

  • July 20 – Viking program: The Viking 1 lander successfully lands on Mars.
  • July 29 – In New York City, the "Son of Sam" pulls a gun from a paper bag, killing 1 and seriously wounding another, in the first of a series of attacks that terrorize the city for the next year.

August 1

·      The Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago becomes a republic, replacing Elizabeth II with a President as its head of state.

·      The Seattle Seahawks play their first football game.


August 26

category 3 hurricane emmy hits its peak force entering the Caribbean.

·       The first known outbreak of Ebola virus occurs in YambukuZaire.

august 27- born

September 6

·       Cold WarSoviet Air Force pilot Lt. Viktor Belenko lands a MiG-25 jet fighter at Hakodate, on the island of Hokkaidō in Japan, and requests political asylum in the United States.


·       September 25 – The Irish rock band U2 is formed after drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. posts a note seeking members for a band on the notice board of his Dublin school.

·       September 28 – American singer Stevie Wonder releases his hit-album Songs in the Key of Life.

December 3

·       Bob Marley and his manager Don Taylor are shot in an assassination attempt in Kingston, Jamaica.